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The priority for Hooksett Fire - Rescue Department is the safety of it's citizens and visitors from the dangers of fire and and to protect property. Firefighters extinguish fires and will make every effort to minimize it's effect by removing combustion products such as heat smoke and toxic gases.

Other related suppression activities include, wildland firefighting, motor vehicle accidents, investigate sounding alarms and sources of smoke odors, weather related emergencies, and other calls for service.


Firefighters are also trained to mitigate incidents that require specialized equipment and techniques. These skills require continuing education and practical exercise.

Incidents such as motor vehicle accidents with entrapment (victims still trapped in the vehicle) require knowledge of modern vehicle construction and what tools are the most appropriate to free the trapped victim. These tools include hydraulic rescue tools,air bags, assorted cutting tools, and hand tools.

Heights / High Angle Rescue utilizes ropes, pulleys, carabiners, and stokes basket.

Water / Ice Rescue operations are labor intensive emergencies and may utilize boats, cold water exposure suits, dry suits, ropes and rescue sled.

Other technical rescues requiring addition training include below grade and confined space rescue.


With transportation system, commercial and industrial processes operating in Hooksett, hazardous Materials emergencies are a reality that we prepare for. Hooksett firefighters are certified Awareness/Operation level, most certified to the Technician level.

Smaller incidents are mitigated with on duty personnel, larger incidents may require additional resources such as the Southeastern NH Hazardous Materials Mutual Aid District (SENHHMMAD). Hooksett is a member of SENHHMMAD with several firefighters serving on the team. The benefit of such a partnership is demonstrated during events where a hazardous materials incident is controlled with both agencies work together from the same policies and procedures.


The Hooksett Fire - Rescue Department is proud to announce that as of July 1, 2010 we have added ambulance transport services for the citizens and visitors to the Town of Hooksett, NH. There is an ambulance stationed at both Hooksett Fire Stations, and is staffed with firefighters trained at the Advanced EMT and / or Paramedic Level.

Hooksett Fire - Rescue provides emergency medical care for the sick and injured stabilizing their condition utilizing advanced and basic levels of care. On most medical responses, an engine company is also dispatched to provide additional resources if needed.

EMT - (BLS) -They provide a basic level of care, such as back boarding, splinting, bandaging, basic airway, respiratory and cardiac management, administration of medications for diabetic, allergic, cardiac, and breathing emergencies and much more.

Advanced EMT- (ALS)- These medical personnel can provide an advanced level of medical care, in addition to what the EMT-B can provide. This includes Intervenous Therapy (IV), advanced airway management, and administration of additional medications for various emergencies.

Paramedics - (ALS)- This is the highest medically trained level for the EMS field. These personnel, in addition to what the EMT's and AEMT's can perform, administer additional medications to both adults and pediatrics, have advanced anatomy and physiology knowledge, perform advanced trauma, respiratory and cardiac care, and coordinates with Emergency Room physicians for patient care.



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